Yewdale Primary School

At Yewdale Primary School we aspire to provide an engaging and vibrant learning setting where each child is given the opportunity to grow and stretch their boundaries, through nurture and support so they can experience the delight of success and develop a desire to achieve.

We believe that every child is born with the potential to succeed and given the right support and encouragement, will develop their talents to the full – whatever their starting point.

It is important to me, as Head of School, that every child at Yewdale School is valued as an individual and for this reason, every decision we make at school must have the child at its centre.

My ambition for the children attending Yewdale is very clear and simple; that they can be the best that they can be and be proud of everything they achieve.

My aims are to ensure:

  • Yewdale Primary School is the best primary school it can be, operating with the highest standards of teaching and learning
  • that the school nurture the individual talents, skills and abilities of each child
  • all Yewdale children feel safe, happy, valued and are keen to learn
  • that pupils come first. Our pupils are at the heart of all school improvement, each action enhances school provision to benefit every child
  • that staff foster and develop independence within all children, so that when they leave Yewdale they are confident in their ability to problem solve and tackle what further learning may ask of them
  • that Yewdale provides an inclusive and creative curriculum that is fit for purpose and develops every child within our school community; engaging their imagination and inquisitive nature whilst extending their knowledge of life beyond the school gates
  • that Yewdale provides a family feeling of warmth, care, guidance and support to all pupils and their families
  • that our pupils have pride in themselves, pride in each other and pride in our school

It is important to me that I know every child in school and am able to build relationships with families, so that we together, can support each other with the learning journey that children are on. Education remains a partnership between home and school and we look forward to a happy association with you and your child.

We are all individuals within a shared community that we all should be proud of and I like to welcome everyone to school each morning, setting a positive tone for each new day.

I am extremely fortunate to have a fantastic team of dedicated teachers and support staff in whom I have every confidence to support and drive the aims of our school.  Yewdale is also very well supported as part of Cumbria Education Trust, with a wider family of professionals who wish to see all of our children achieve their absolute best.

I am very excited about the next step in Yewdale’s journey as we, together, strive to achieve even greater success in all that we do.

Joanne Lloyd

Head of School