Yewdale Primary School

Yewdale Primary School

Yewdale Primary School

At Yewdale Primary School we aspire to provide a vibrant learning setting where we trust one another and where each child is given the opportunity to grow and stretch their boundaries so they can experience the pleasure of achievement and how success feels.

Through our curriculum design, which incorporates an international flavour, we ensure that each child has access to a wide range of activities – cultural, social, artistic and sporting as well as focussing on the important areas of English, maths and science – plus the chance to do new things and visit new places.

We believe that every child is born with the potential to succeed and given the right support and encouragement, will develop their talents to the full – whatever their starting point.

We strive to live each day by our motto – BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE!


My ambition for every child

My ambition for the children under my care is quite simple.

Our aims are to ensure:

  • For Yewdale Primary School to be the best primary school in the area, operating with the highest standards of teaching and learning
  • For the school to nurture the individual talents and skills of each child.
  • All Yewdale children to feel safe, happy, valued and keen to learn.
  • Pupils come first. Our pupils are at the heart of all school improvement, each action enhances school provision to benefit every child.
  • To foster and develop independence, so that children leave Yewdale with a full learning toolkit, they know what to do, when they don’t know how to do it.
  • To create a curriculum for the 21st century
  • To create an inclusive and creative learning community.
  • Generate a family feeling of warmth, care, guidance and support.
  • Our pupils have pride in our school, pride in our fabulous facilities and pride in themselves.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum to provide a rich variety of learning experiences with new and exciting activities to fire their imaginations and extend their knowledge of life beyond the school gates.

I like to get to know every child personally – as well as their parents and carers.  Greeting children each morning is very important to me because although they are one of many, I want them to understand that they are each valued as individuals.

Love, care, guidance, support and nurture lie at the heart of everything we do.

I have every confidence in my team of dedicated teachers and support staff as well as the wider Cumbria Education Trust, our sponsor.  I am very optimistic about the future.

Robert Lakin,


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