pdf-icon CET – Absence and Wellbeing Procedure

pdf-icon CET – Allegations of Abuse Policy

pdf-icon CET – Appraisal Policy for Teaching Staff

pdf-icon CET – Appraisal Policy for Support Staff

pdf-icon CET – Attendance Policy

pdf-icon CET – Bullying & Harassment Policy & Procedure

pdf-icon CET – Capability Procedure

pdf-icon CET – Charging and Remissions Policy

pdf-icon CET – Child Protection Policy (Part 1)

pdf-icon CET – Complaints Procedure Statement

pdf-icon CET – Disciplinary Procedure

pdf-icon CET – Equality Policy Statement & Single Equality Scheme (Part 1)

pdf-icon CET – Financial Handbook

pdf-icon CET – Flexible Working Policy

pdf-icon  CET – Freedom of Information

pdf-icon CET – General Data Protection Regulation Policy

pdf-icon CET – Grievance Procedure

pdf-icon CET – Health and Safety Policy (Part 1)

pdf-icon CET – Managing Change Policy

pdf-icon CET – Online Safety Policy (Part 1)

pdf-icon CET – Overarching Safeguarding Statement

pdf-icon CET – Pay Policy

pdf-icon CET – Peer on Peer Abuse Policy (Part 1)

pdf-icon CET – Provider Access Policy

pdf-icon CET – Publication Scheme

pdf-icon CET – Recruitment & Selection Policy

pdf-icon CET – Risk Management Policy

pdf-icon CET – SEND Policy

pdf-icon CET – Special Education Needs Policy addendum

pdf-icon CET – Special Leave of Absence Policy

pdf-icon CET – Staff Code of Conduct

pdf-icon CET – Staff Dress Code

pdf-icon CET – Staff Personal Information Policy

pdf-icon CET – Statement of Procedures for dealing with allegations of abuse against staff & volunteers

pdf-icon CET – Support Staff Probation Procedure

pdf-icon CET – Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy (Part 1)

pdf-icon CET – Whistleblowing Policy & Procedure

Page updated: 27/08/2020