Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priorities for 2017-18

PRIORITY 1: Improving student / pupil outcomes in all the Trust Academies

  • Ensure there is greater clarity and ownership of our key improvement priorities. Make space to make change.
  • Implement an effective CET School Improvement Strategy across all our academies.
  • Implement a challenging Trust wide target setting procedure across all academies.
  • Use data effectively across the Trust to raise achievement.
  • Highly effective collaborative groups working across the Trust to improve the quality of provision.
  • High quality and tested intervention packages will be implemented when students do not make expected progress.
  • Create, develop and embed robust accountability structures across the organisation within the context of teamwork, trust and autonomy (tta).
  • Broker high quality external support / intervention when and if needed.
  • Continue to develop a primary and secondary curriculum for CET.
  • Develop (when appropriate) the primary / secondary provision from 3-18.
  • Develop effective leadership structures throughout the organisation by creating a range of leadership development opportunities across the Trust. All staff are seen as leaders.
  • Continue to improve attendance across all academies.
  • Ensure the Learning Provision structure is delivering improved results for all sub-groups.
  • Create outstanding learning environments that are focused on our core values: Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. Our Trust slogan to ‘be the best you can be’ is modelled and embraced by all stakeholders.
  • Effective behaviour management policies in place in all schools, exclusion rates will reduce.
  • Build highly effective links with all our stakeholders.
  • Trust-wide well-being / mental health strategy developed and embedded.


PRIORITY 2: Ensure the central services offered by CET are highly effective and improving

  • Develop a comprehensive asset management strategy Trust-wide.
  • Develop a Trust-wide recommended suppliers tool that has been tender tested.
  • Audit capital projects and prioritise needs across Trust schools ensuring we have ‘off the shelf’ projects ready to go when funding arises.
  • Develop relationships with capital project partners.
  • Explore capital funding streams to enhance capital programme delivery.
  • Continue to review the catering & cleaning provision to ensure that it is providing efficiency and improved service delivery across the Trust.
  • Develop and implement a Trust-wide ICT strategy in consultation with each school.
  • Develop an IT asset register.
  • Ensure that the resources needed for the IT function, are fit for purpose to move the Trust forward.
  • Explore centralised IT Helpdesk provision.
  • Explore effective and efficient network and email infrastructure solutions for the trust moving forward, giving consideration to technical infrastructure issues.
  • Develop a Trust-wide programme of affordable renewal ensuring school based IT hardware and software up to required specifications and standards.
  • Ensure HR resource can meet the demands of the Trust.
  • Develop and deliver a joint training programme to meet professional development needs of Business Leadership Team (BLT) and Trustees.
  • Develop networking communities across key corporate service areas.


PRIORITY 3: Implement an effective growth and income generation strategy

  • Investigate processes and options to improve financial efficiency of the Trust.
  • Maximise income through appropriate letting of Trust resources.
  • Exploring available new funding streams in engaging local communities.
  • Develop the ‘hub’ strategy; encourage good and outstanding schools to join CET.
  • Work with the RSC / DFE to bring new schools into the Trust – x2 sponsorship projects during 2017/18.
  • Re-bid for DFE Regional MAT Growth Fund.
  • Look at Teaching School Status, MAT bid for School Improvement Funding and an AP Free School.
  • Develop a marketing strategy that will enhance the image and the work of the Trust through communication, media and marketing.


PRIORITY 4: Improving our year-end financial position

  • To increase our centrally held reserves year upon year.
  • Ensure the central services offered by CET Finance are highly effective and improving.
  • Develop and implement the most efficient and effective Finance Structure across the Trust supported by a comprehensive standardised procedures manual.
  • Improve financial reporting, measuring and forecasting to support a maximised year-end financial position.
  • Develop Trust-wide purchasing systems that encompass an appropriate estimating and quote policy.
  • Develop asset sharing where appropriate to maximise efficiency.