Cumbria Education Trust is actively recruiting new Local Advisory Board (LAB) members.

Are you enthusiastic about the success and well-being of our schools, its students and its staff?

Would you like the opportunity to work alongside other members in the best interests of the schools and their communities, and be part of a team who actively promote and support the school’s vision and values?

The Local Advisory Boards (LAB) are crucial in helping our schools to raise their standards. A variety of professionals, business people, educationalists and parents, volunteer their time and expertise for the benefit of our young people. Harnessing their talents and recognising the impact that they have is critical.

There are three different types of LAB members:

  • Sponsor Board members (term of office 4 years, appointed by the CET Board)
  • Parent Board members (term of office 3 years, appointed by the CET Board)
  • Staff Board member (term of office 3 years, appointed by staff election if there is more than one nomination)

If you are interested in being a part of a successful, well-run school by joining one of our Local Advisory Boards, please contact Mrs L Hewson (Clerk to the Trust Board and LABs) or telephone 016977 45300.