Cumbria Education Trust Schools Support Brighter Cumbria Day

Did you wake up this morning feeling particularly blue? Well, there could be a reason for that! Experts suggest that today is Blue Monday, the most miserable day of the year. The joy of Christmas feels like a thing of the distant past, and January is not offering much to be cheerful about.

We’re here to change that mind-set! All Cumbria Education Trust schools are participating in Brighter Cumbria – a world record attempt for the most random acts of kindness to take place in one day. We’ve got cupcakes being made, assemblies planned and pledges being written. We want to change the perception of Blue Monday and make it a much happier day for everyone!

This is what is planned today:

Caldew Lea Primary School

  • Students wrote pledges on bookmarks
  • Students will be in Carlisle City Centre making people happy throughout the day.

Hensingham Primary School

  • Year 2 & 6 working together to create a kindness book.
  • Year 4 – playground buddies/psalying with people who are in different year groups
  • Reception – writing notes to attache to a flower to take home to parents
  • Year 6 – Litter pick in the local community
  • School Council – Visiting The Gables (Residential home) taking cakes and biscuits for a chat and to spend some time with the residents and delivering a cake to the local fire station
  • Children will be writing notes and work highlighting good things about each other and sharing these in class.
  • Children will also be given a raffle ticket for any RAK that are noticed by others. We will count these at the end of the day.

Longtown Primary School

  • Some children are visiting Eskdale House to sing songs and play games with the elderly.
  • All children from Nursery – Yr 4 will be given kindness cards and are to carry them out throughout the day.
  • Year 5 and 6 are getting secret kindness missions to be completed to all staff and students around school.
  • We have a display board where children can pick a kindness card, act it out and the add a leaf to the tree to say it has been completed.

William Howard School

  • Students are collecting a Random Act of Kindness (RAK) card from their form tutor in the morning. Once completed these will go into the RAK box in reception, students can then pick up additional cards to complete more RAK challenges.
  • Throughout the day there is a wish line in reception for staff and students to peg up their RAK wishes which will be taken away by staff and students to fulfil and post when completed.
  • We also have students who have made cupcakes to pop into staff pigeon holes, letters that have been written to staff and students to thank them and lots more. This has been led by Year 9 students who have a creative class called “Project Power” and they have come up with the ideas and want to keep some of them as a surprise.

Workington Academy

  • Our Year 7 students are making Random Act of Kindness (RAK) pledges and these will be displayed on a notice board in the Academy to support the longer effects of the initiative.
  • Workington Academy Radio have produced a podcast on Blue Monday and our schools contribution to RAK. Click Here to listen.
  • Students in Year 8-10 will be revisiting some of the RAK pledges they have previously made and talk about how they made them feel and what they have done since. They will also have the opportunity to make further pledges to carry out a RAK.

The Whitehaven Academy

  • All students are writing kind words about staff and students that are handed out.

Yewdale Primary School

  • We are having an assembly about Random Act of Kindness (RAK). Every child will have a blank bookmark on to which they are able to write a positive message and leave it for someone so they can find it.
  • Every child will have a recording slip of paper to write down (or draw) any additional RAK that they carry out during the day. These slips will be put into a collection box at reception to be counted.

Yanwath Primary School

  • We will be ringing a kindness bell at random intervals throughout the day and all pupils and staff will walk around school shaking hands, high-fiving, giving hugs or sharing things we like about each other.
  • Teachers will be getting Little sweet treats and regular coffee/tea refills and we will also be creating a kindness wall.
  • A kindness display will created with students and staff kindness.

Tebay Primary School

  • Children are making bird feeders with a note attached to put through the doors of old people in the village.

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