We all know that 2020 has been a year of challenge – but we’re delighted with how our young people at Hensingham Primary School have responded.

Thirty of them are now Well-being Champions who have a role in making the school environment inclusive and welcoming for fellow pupils. It’s all part of our focus on well-being – something never more important than in this year.

Headteacher Faye Eldon explained: “We want our children to be really caring and look after each other.

“If they saw someone who was upset, they’d just go up and say ‘hello’ or play a game with them. They are being role models for how we want our children to behave.

“With everything we are all going through this year it has given them an extra boost.”

The older age children will receive training this half term on how they can further support their classmates.

We’ve also introduced Well-being Wednesdays to the curriculum during which the children look at ways to help mental health, such as yoga and breathing techniques. They have also discussed their positive and negative thoughts and explored friendships and feelings.

Mrs Eldon added: “We’ve looked at our aspirations and achievements and generally how to stay happy and healthy.

“Despite the Covid restrictions the children have raised money for Macmillan Cancer Support by making cakes and they donated to the Whitehaven food bank at harvest festival time. We want to look at more ways that we can share everything that we are learning about caring with the wider community.”