Pupils put their scientific skills to the test solving a giant problem.

CET’s Science Week was an opportunity to explore the wonder and excitement of the subject. The collaborative week was planned by the trust’s Primary Science Group Lead, Allison Kenyon, who teaches at Longtown Primary School.

The theme, Innovating the Future, culminated in the design problem of ‘how to safely transport the golden egg down the beanstalk without breaking it’.

Within the project, children engaged in design and thinking processes as engineers and scientists and used their knowledge of forces to help Jack solve the problem.

The egg task was inspired by STEM’s (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Engineering Fairy Tales and appealed to age groups across the school due to the pupils’ familiarity and knowledge of the traditional story.

Final designs were tested, evaluated and presented to peers in their classrooms at the end of the session.

Daniel Taylor and Jonty Boak, pupils in Year 5 and 6, shared the opinion that it was a ‘mind blowing experiment’ and said: ‘Science Week was amazing – we worked together as a team and we now have a real passion for science.’

Sarah Lee, Science Lead at Newtown, said: “The week was an exciting opportunity for pupils and teachers to explore different scientific concepts and think outside the box.

“The task inspired pupils to work scientifically and exposed them to the wonders of designing and innovating. Hopefully one day they will aspire to have a career in one of the many rewarding and exciting STEM professions our county has to offer.”