As part of Mental Health awareness week, the students of Workington Academy and West Coast sixth form have created a celebratory garland of pompoms!

The work will be displayed in Vulcan Park over the weekend along with other Yarn Bomb creations from the community.  The project was organised by Workington Town Council, and the students have worked hard on their contribution.

Students from every year group have contributed to the pompom chain, many in their own time. The project was overseen by two talented art students, Holly Hunter in Year 13 and Katie Hill in Year 12. Holly’s personal study, part of her A-Level Art is looking at how public spaces are utilised in different ways by communities, and Katie’s artwork is examining the link between nature and textiles, so they made a great team.

The staff at Workington Academy are very proud of the efforts all the students have made this week.

The yarn bomb display will remain in the park until this Sunday.