A Workington Academy student helped save a man’s life using first aid skills learned at school.

Rossi Gunson was with friends when he spotted a man having a seizure. Ray Ostle was picking his son up from the park when he collapsed.

Rossi called 999 and gave the man immediate first aid. Mr Ostle was taken to hospital for treatment but is now back home.

He said: “I am hugely grateful and want to say a massive thank you to Rossi. He should be proud of himself, it’s thanks to him I’m still alive.”

Rossi had only learned CPR the week before in a Personal Development class at school.

The Year 9 student said: “When you’re at school doing it, it doesn’t feel scary but when it’s in the moment, it is quite scary and obviously you panic.”

Workington Academy Headteacher Des Bird said: “We are really proud of Rossi. There is nothing more important than saving someone’s life. His ability to stay calm under pressure and put into practice what he learnt is commendable.

“Here at the academy all students learn CPR and basic first aid as part of their Personal Development lessons.”

A North West Ambulance spokesman said: “We commend Rossi’s actions in calling 999 and providing immediate care for the man before paramedics arrived.

“This is why we encourage everyone to learn CPR and other first-aid skills, as you never know if you might need to provide life-saving treatment to a family member, friend or even a stranger in an emergency.”

Mr Bird said Rossi will receive a Headteacher’s Award for his bravery.