CET are challenging students across Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 to show outstanding team work to create a world changing idea – focused around helping the environment.

Over the next few weeks, students in all schools across CET, will have the opportunity to work together in teams to;

Generate, Design, Advertise and Present their world changing idea;

The project is designed to promote an entrepreneurial spirit across the trust, unlocking the innovative DNA that exists in every single child and young person. This project also provides an independent educational opportunity to all students, as well as building confidence in speaking, listening and teamwork skills.

Students will do this firstly to their class, year group or key stage, then to their wider school community. The Competition will culminate in a Cumbria Education Trust Finals Event to be held at The Whitehaven Academy’s new building on Thursday 24 March, where the team judged to be the ‘school winner’ will go on to pitch their idea to members of the CET Leadership Team and External Judging Panel.

Each winning school team that reaches the CET final will receive a CET Innovate T-shirt and Goodie Bag and the winning school team overall will win the opportunity to take part in a very prestigious and hands-on ‘Innovation Experience Day’

Good Luck to All Involved!