On Tuesday, staff from across Cumbria Education Trust (CET) attended our first School Improvement event. The purpose of the event was to showcase the opportunities available to all CET staff to support school improvement at multiple levels.

Over the last few years, our School Improvement Strategy and structure has developed from highly effective Collaborative Groups to highly focused School Improvement Teams (SIT) with leads for the primary and secondary sectors. There are brilliant examples of school-to-school collaboration and the pooling of experience, ideas and resources which will ensure our students get the best possible teaching and learning, which in return leads to outstanding outcomes for all our students. We have also developed our Leadership Development programmes and are currently running all the newly reformed NPQ Programmes.

It remains our continuing intention that CET schools continue to improve year on year. The work completed to date has enhanced the classroom experience for many of our children, and those steps forward have been recognised and appreciated both internally and externally. Our ultimate aim is for each of our schools to be GREAT and this can only be delivered through the development and deployment of our GREAT people.

The event included an introduction to the range of NPQ opportunities, developing the CET curriculum, learning culture, supporting support staff to gain QTS and how CET has helped develop the careers of a number of staff over the last few years.

Thank you to the University of Cumbria for providing the venue for the evening.