After a very successful Ofsted inspection, we are so proud to announce that The Whitehaven Academy is now officially rated a ‘Good’ school.

Following a glowing Ofsted report in which all areas were rated good, it is clear how far this school has come and how proud we are of them, as a school and a community. As quoted within the report, “Leaders, including those at the Trust, have placed The Whitehaven Academy at the heart of the local community”.

The report, which is available on their website, highlights other fantastic areas throughout the school:

🔹 “Pupils are kind and considerate towards each other. They respond well to the high expectations that leaders have of their behaviour and conduct”

🔹 “Historically, outcomes at the school have not been strong. However, leaders have taken the necessary steps so that most pupils now achieve well”

🔹 “Most pupils, including those in the sixth form, are well prepared for the next phase of their education. At Key Stage 4 [ages 14 to 16], leaders have increased the number of pupils that follow the English Baccalaureate suite of subjects”

🔹 “Leaders have established an ambitious suite of subject curriculums”.

It is fantastic to see that they are now academy of choice for parents, with an excellent attendance record and a committed team of staff to drive young people to success. As a Trust, we are incredibly proud of The Whitehaven Academy; its staff, pupils and whole community have really made a difference to this school.

You can read the full report here