Castle Carrock Primary School, which is part of Cumbria Education Trust, is celebrating following their recent Ofsted inspection. The school has worked hard to drive improvements and this has been officially recognised within their Ofsted report.

There are five categories in which the inspectors rate a school, and Castle Carrock Primary School were awarded the following:

  • Behaviour and attitudes – Outstanding
  • Early years provision – Outstanding
  • Personal development – Outstanding
  • Leadership and management – Good
  • The quality of education – Good

Overall, whilst the majority of the ratings were Outstanding, Castle Carrock Primary School has officially been rated as a Good school.

Castle Carrock Primary School joined Cumbria Education Trust in 2022, where the school underwent an extensive refurbishment project during the summer last year. The school also gained a new Leadership Team with Jemma Nicholson as interim Executive Headteacher and Anna Carroll as Head of School, who have worked with the other members of the team to drive improvements and make a positive change to the school. These changes, along with creating strong links to other schools in the Trust, such as calling on William Howard School for specialist lessons such as PE and languages, has all factored into receiving such a wonderful Ofsted report.

These much-deserved results show how the school is making excellent progress, whilst providing an enriching and safe environment for their pupils and staff. Key highlights from the report include:

  •  “Pupils and the adults who work in the school have delightful relationships.”
  • “Pupils behave exceptionally well.”
  • “There is a buzz of excitement for learning around the school.”
  • “Teachers are skilled in delivering the curriculum in the mixed-age classes.”
  • “Children in the Early Years achieve exceptionally well across all areas of learning.”
  • “Pupils have a deep understanding of what it means to live in modern Britain. They spoke passionately about their views on equality and diversity.”
  • “Through the curriculum, pupils experience a wealth of cultural experiences.”
  • “The wider curriculum is enhanced by many clubs and activities that encourage pupils to develop their sporting and artistic skills.”

Anna Carroll, Headteacher, said: “I am delighted with this result and I am incredibly grateful for the dedication of our staff, parents, children and our community over the last year and during our inspection. We are paving the way for excellence in our small school community and will continue to strive to be the very best we can be.”

Lorrayne Hughes, Chief Executive of Cumbria Education Trust, said: “I am delighted with these much-deserved results, and they show how the school is making excellent progress, whilst providing an enriching and safe environment for our pupils and staff.”

You can view the full report here –