Last night, leaders from each of our Trust schools and our Central Services Team came together for a Quality Leadership and Organisational Culture event, held at Workington Academy. In the first of a series of events led by Lorrayne Hughes, Chief Executive, over 40 leaders came together to collaborate, discuss strategies and brainstorm ideas on how to continually improve our schools through effective leadership.

Our leaders were split into eight teams from various schools, and they discussed a range of topics, such as outstanding leadership behaviours, organisational culture, who inspired them and how they can develop as leaders. Des Bird, Director of Secondary Improvement, led a session on self-evaluation, focusing on accountability, monitoring and evaluation. This session was designed so that schools can evaluate their performance, in an effort to continue our goal of year-on-year improvement in schools. Tom Martell, Director of Strategic School Improvement, then presented the 2023/24 Sustained School Improvement (SSI) Projects, along with effective ways in which to implement these projects across the Trust. You can find the SSI projects here –

Chris Kearton, Director of Improvement – Raising Standards Lead, provided some feedback about the event, “Part of being a leader at CET is about working collaboratively with colleagues from other schools. It was excellent to have the opportunity to do this, exploring what makes a good leader, and how we can take the best leadership elements from each school in our family to further strengthen leadership at all levels.”

These leadership events will continue throughout the academic year, as Trust leaders continue to create excellence together.