On Wednesday 6th February, all of our primary schools took part in Safer Internet Day, an annual event that helps children and young people understand the risks associated with using the internet and how to avoid harm. The internet has been associated with a rise in poor mental health amongst young people, including those still in primary school, which is why our primary school focus was online safety. CET has also been accepted as a supporter of the prestigious UK Safer Internet Centre.

Gill Creighton, CET Safeguarding Manager, said ‘Young people are always online, both inside and outside of school. The internet can help us to socialise, work and learn in a convenient, easily accessible way. However, the dangers of the internet are ever-present, particularly with the rising use of AI and social media influencers. Young people need to understand that not everything they see is real.’

Gemma Brierley, Executive Headteacher, tailored the day to each Key Stage, so that is was suitable for all of our children.

Never too young to start learning about keeping safe, our Early Years Foundation Stage children watched a short film about keeping safe online and then they made pictures of Smartie the Penguin at a keyboard. They also learnt a song about online safety, called The Penguin Rap. Grayson, from Northside Primary School, said he enjoyed clicking his fingers whilst learning the song.

Key Stage One children were tasked with designing online safety posters, to share tips and spread awareness of how to stay safe online.

Lower Key Stage 2 pupils created informative podcasts and short films about internet safety, whilst our children in Years 5 and 6 competed in a cross-trust quiz on internet safety, led by Jemma Nicholson, Executive Headteacher,

Maisie, from Caldew Lea Primary School said ‘It was a fun thing to do – the question on percentages was the hardest.’

There were bronze, silver and gold winners in each category in individual schools with overall CET champions being declared. The real winners however are the children and families of all who took part. Well done everyone!