About Us

About Cumbria Education Trust

Cumbria Education Trust is a not-for-profit charitable organisation. It was formed in October 2014 in response to an invitation from the Department for Education.

Our purpose is to deliver outstanding educational provision and ensure all pupils/students receive high quality teaching and learning opportunities.

Our aim is for each Cumbria Education Trust academy to demonstrate consistent year-on-year improvement. We believe in the importance of working with others to share knowledge and best practice and we want all our pupils/students to develop a thirst for knowledge. We are passionate about putting young people first and equipping them for success in the future.

By achieving our aim, we can enable every young person to reach their potential.

To find out more about CET download our brochure: CET Brochure


One of the most important of our principles is that each academy will have a unique ethos to reflect the needs and social aspirations of the local community it serves.

We believe that each academy must reflect that each child is unique. We know that a first class education improves the life chances and choices of young people and we are committed to providing an engaging learning experience for all our pupils/students, regardless of their background.

At the same time, we believe that each academy must reflect the needs and social aspirations of the local community it serves. This is a very important principle.

We aim to empower local communities and work in partnership with them to bring education alive for everyone.


Our vision is to enable every young person to reach their potential.

We are committed to providing an engaging and innovative learning experience which inspires students to achieve the success they deserve.


Our academies have high expectations for the quality and breadth of our students’ experiences.


We believe in providing the best all round education and opportunity for all students, irrespective of their background. Our values mean that we are truly inclusive.


Collaboration is integral to the way in which Cumbria Education Trust operates. The Trust places considerable importance on school-to-school support. Academies within the Trust are active partners, helping to decide policy as well as taking part in school-to-school support activities. Our unwavering belief in the power of collaboration to support our staff has led to us working successfully with a network of associate schools through the Cumbria Alliance of System Leaders (CASL). We are also involved with a wide range of local authorities, universities, further education colleges and business organisations. All staff are not only encouraged to support and challenge one another but to share best practice. At all times we want our staff to be outstanding role models for our pupils/students: to lead by setting a great example and to deliver the best outcomes for all our pupils/students.


Cumbria Education Trust believes in the importance of creating strategic opportunities for schools and students through strong relationships with industry, commerce, higher education and the sectors involved in children’s care, the promotion of sport and the arts.