Vision & Values

Vision and Values

Cumbria Education Trust – Our Vision & Values

Although each of our academies has its own unique ethos, they all share a common vision and values.

These values are central to the life of the school and underpin all the Trust’s activities.

All our academies share a commitment to the achievement, personal development and well‐being of the children and young people within the Trust.

We are committed to supporting all pupils/students, staff and academies within the Cumbria Education Trust to ‘be the best they can be’.

When a school signs up to become one of our academies it signs up to share our vision and values.Vision & Rules

We operate with a student-centred approach which values relationships and respect for others:

  • Inspiring learning – creating a happy, positive and vibrant learning environment for ALL pupils/students.
  • Achieving success – enabling every pupil/student to reach their potential by providing high quality teaching.
  • Creating opportunities – broadening children’s experiences and opportunities.
  • Empowering communities – working in partnership with the local community to bring education alive for all.


To enable every young person to reach their potential and achieve the success they deserve by providing an innovative and inspiring learning experience.


At the heart of our organisation are the principles of:

• Respect.
• Responsibility.
• Resilience.