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Benefits of Becoming a Cumbria Education Trust Academy

Benefits of Becoming a Cumbria Education Trust Academy

Cumbria Education Trust is committed to supporting schools to become the ‘best they can be’.

Our aim is to enable schools to remain as autonomous as possible, whilst offering them the advantages of being part of a larger ‘family’ of schools.

Each school is unique and will retain its own ethos to reflect the community it serves. Decision making will be at school level, within the shared vision and values of the Trust.

Cumbria Education Trust academies will benefit from:

Team Work and Collaboration


Collaboration is integral to the way in which Cumbria Education Trust operates. The Trust places considerable importance on school-to-school support. Academies within the Trust are active partners, helping to decide policy as well as taking part in school-to-school support activities.

How do we ensure...

How do we ensure our academies are run professionally?

We are fundamentally committed to good governance and have an absolute belief that the impact of good governance on an academy can be significant.

As trusts and academies become more autonomous, there is a need for very strong and effective teamwork. Never before have governors been so accountable for success. This requires directors who are highly experienced in their chosen career or profession, who can bring unique skills and insight to any board meeting and lead effectively to ensure that all those who are managing our academies feel that they are part of the whole transformation and evolution process.

Our individual academies will each have a Local Advisory Board, who will follow an agreed Scheme of Delegation.

We will ensure we attract exactly the right mix of suitably qualified board members to our Local Advisory Boards and provide specialist training to enable them to be effective at a local level in supporting and challenging leaders and holding them to account. There will also be the opportunities for staff and parents to become members of the Local Advisory Board.

Strategic Opportunities

Robust core team support

There are many advantages for academies and staff operating within the Cumbria Education Trust group of academies. We can provide a range of services including financial, legal, estates management, human resources and public relations/reputation management.

All staff will be transferred to Cumbria Education Trust on their existing terms and conditions. The Trust has adopted, and will continue to adopt, national terms and conditions of service for teachers and support staff. Pensions will not be affected in transferring to a different employer: staff will notice little difference.

More information about the central team and the type of support that can be provided is available on request.

To find out more about becoming a Cumbria Education Trust Academy, please contact