Introduction from our CEO Lorrayne Hughes

CET’s motto of ‘be the best you can be’ doesn’t only apply to our pupils and students. 

We want our staff to aim high too and we want to help them succeed in their careers.  

There is no improvement for our children without improvement in teaching, and no improvement in teaching without the best professional development for staff. 

That’s why we are placing such high emphasis on our CET Leadership Development programme. 

We have some outstanding talent within our schools and through this ambitious programme we want to ensure our teachers and staff have the best chance to shine. 

Through strong collaboration, the skills and talents that exist within the trust can be further developed for the benefit of all.  

These opportunities sit firmly within our belief that CET should be a stimulating, inspiring place to work and teach. Across its primary and secondary schools, it offers challenge and reward for all those who want to progress their careers. 

Please have a look around this section of the website and if it inspires you to reach higher then we’d like to hear from you. 

Our Courses

About CET Leadership Development

The CET Leadership Development programme is designed to provide staff on all levels with high quality CPD and to provide enriching experiences that will contribute towards creating a CET Leadership legacy, impacting positively on CET students, staff and our wider school and local communities. Phase one of the programme is initially focused on teaching staff, aimed at developing skills and talents centred around fostering effective leadership and providing high quality NPQ pre-requisite courses to support leadership development more effectively on a local level. 

The CET Leadership Programme is also focused on establishing our CET Leadership philosophy and culture of ‘Leading As One’ across all levels of the organisation, (ranging from students up to CET Senior Leaders). We also aim to promote successful leadership through collaboration and celebrate successful leadership journeys to date, providing an inspiration to others. 

Vision and Values

  • To provide multi-level leadership development across all CET schools 
  • To invest in continuing career development for all CET staff
  • To plan and deliver high-quality CPD as a prerequisite for teachers completing NPQ programmes
  • To attract high quality leaders from outside the organisation