Our Strategic Priority for 2022/2023:

To: Raise Standards, Opportunities and Aspirations across all schools in the Trust.

Key Projects:

  1. Further develop the CET curriculum by September 2023.
  2. Develop effective formative and summative assessment practice across the Trust.
  3. Enhance Learning Provision across the curriculum to improve outcomes for all.
  4. Deliver professional and efficient support services across the Trust.
  5. Implement an effective School Improvement Strategy that improves outcomes for all.
  6. To further develop CET as a Great Employer and the professional development offer for all staff.
  7. Further develop comprehensive financial planning arrangements which supports one budget methodology.
  8. Further develop student opportunities within and beyond the curriculum.
  9.  Implement the Governance Development Plan throughout 2022/2023.
  10. Develop the CET brand to support and identify future growth.
  11. Develop the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) culture across CET – look at how we behave, perform and accept change.