Staff from Cumbria Education Trust (CET) recently came together to participate in a day-long instructional coaching training session at Workington Academy. This initiative is part of CET’s larger strategy to improve the professional development of its staff across the primary and secondary sectors.

Led by Aldridge Education, trainers worked with 50 staff members to teach them about the benefits of instructional coaching. The aim of the training was to provide support to colleagues in quickly improving various aspects of their teaching through practice and modelling.

The instructional coaching training received positive feedback from all the participants, who found it to be an excellent way to develop their teaching skills. Chris Wilkins, the Director of Primary Education, said: “This is the best possible professional development for our staff. It supports teachers in the quick improvement of their lessons which can only be good for our pupils.”

The training day was a success, and CET has already planned to conduct another day of training for its staff in instructional coaching. The initiative is a step towards revolutionising the professional development of CET’s staff and helping them enhance their teaching skills to better serve their pupils.