An exciting new partnership aims to inspire the next generation of teachers in Cumbria.

Cumbria Education Trust (CET) and national education charity Ambition Institute are launching a training programme for the teachers of the future.

The partnership will deliver a new Teacher Training programme, with the aim of attracting the best talent in the region and giving them a great start to their careers.

It will offer a number of routes into teaching to encourage graduates and people of different backgrounds and experiences into the classroom, including those currently working in industries outside of education.

Successful applicants will be invited to start a training placement in one of CET’s primary or secondary schools from September 2024.

Ambition Institute’s new teacher training programme extends their provision of high-quality professional development for existing teachers and school leaders, which is reaching more than 45,000 educators this year.

Lorrayne Hughes, Chief Executive of CET, which is responsible for the education of more than 4,500 young people across its 13 schools, said behind the programme was an ambitious vision.

She said: “This is a brilliant new opportunity within Cumbria, bringing a fantastic national provider into our area. We hope lots of people come forward to train to be teachers.

“We want to encourage more people to see what a rewarding career teaching can be, with fantastic professional support and opportunities.”

September 2024 marks the introduction of Government reforms in Initial Teacher Training to ensure that every pupil receives a great education wherever they live.

Ambition Institute gained ITT accreditation from the Department for Education in 2022. CET was chosen to be a founding delivery partner following the successful running of early career and professional development qualifications with the trust.

The one-year programme leads to Qualified Teacher Status and is part of a three-year package of early career teacher development, followed by two years of mentoring and development through the Early Careers Framework.

Ambition Institute has supported more than 45,000 teachers and school leaders in the last year with its provision of high-quality professional development, reaching more than three million children who will receive better teaching and a better chance at success, whatever their background.

Hilary Spencer, Chief Executive Officer at Ambition Institute, said: “A great teacher changes the future every day. Especially for children who have had a tough start in life, a teacher can be the critical factor in their success.

“That is why we believe every teacher should have access to high quality professional development from the very outset of their career. Cumbria Education Trust does fantastic work with schools across Cumbria, and we’re looking forward to building on our partnership, so that every teacher in the region can get high quality support.”

For more detail, including programme content and the delivery model, visit this page. or please contact our team at