The weather gods must have found out that Cumbria Education Trust (CET) were planning a sports day as the sun made a rare appearance!

On Tuesday 18th June, all ten primary schools from CET gathered for the annual ‘Be The Best You Can Be’ Sports Day. Held at Copeland Stadium in Whitehaven, over 200 Year 4 pupils engaged in various activities such as mini-Olympics, tag rugby, and dance.

Year 9 Sports Leaders and Student Ambassadors from CET’s three secondary schools – The Whitehaven Academy, William Howard School, and Workington Academy – facilitated the events, providing fantastic leadership, support and encouragement to the younger participants throughout the day.

Usman from Hensingham Primary School commented, “I had lots of fun, and my favourite activity was tag rugby because I got to run around a lot”. Alisha, also from Hensingham, added, “I really liked the Year 4 sports day; it was so much fun. Tag rugby was my favourite activity because you got to hold the rugby ball and pull people’s tags off!”.

Sadie Skivington, Assistant Headteacher at Newtown Primary School also commented, “Our Year 4s had the best day! They loved the tag rugby, the obstacle course and the opportunities to see and meet new friends from other Trust schools.” Oliver from Newtown also enjoyed the event, adding “It was a fantastic day! We all cheered for each other and supported each other. It was amazing to see teenagers set up with no teachers to help at all. We had a wonderful time.” Charlie agreed, “It was awesome because we got to play tag rugby and we loved it because we don’t play it very often.”

The obstacle course was popular with Leela stating “I liked balancing on the obstacle course” and Leighton added, “I loved the obstacle course the most because we all got to race each other!”.

“It was great because we got to see our friends from the other Trust schools and we made some new friends too”

– Thomas, Newtown Primary School

Tracey Clooney a PE Teacher at The Whitehaven Academy, who led the event, remarked, “All of the Year 4 students had huge smiles on their faces throughout the day, displaying exemplary behaviour and were energetic and enthusiastic. Both the participants and those leading the event were fantastic ambassadors for CET throughout the day.”

Nic Tweddle, CET Assistant Headteacher and Student Culture Lead, said, “It is fantastic to have so many young people from across all of our CET schools collaborating and coming together as one team, enjoying the West Cumbrian sunshine and being a part of such a positive event. Events such as this display the benefits of being part of the Trust as it enables students from our schools to have experiences that they would not ordinarily be exposed to. Thanks must also go to our staff for making enriching and memorable events such as this possible for our students.”

This event is part of CET’s ongoing commitment to unite all Trust schools through various activities. Each year, we create fun and engaging events for all Trust schools to attend, with both academic and creative events. So far, our Year 2 children have enjoyed a Multi-Skills festival, our Year 6 pupils have participated in both a Netball tournament and a Maths Challenge and our secondary schools have attended a Robotics competition – to name a few.

We are looking forward to our annual CET Be The Best You Can Be Week and CET Mile, taking place across all schools from 8th to 12th July. Our CET Innovate final is also taking place at The Whitehaven Academy on Thursday 11th July, which sees teams from all schools battle it out with their world-changing idea designed to help the environment – who will be crowned the winner? Stay tuned!